Oil Can

2 ¼ pint capacity, traditional type tin plated oil pourer with 10 ½” long spout with 3/8” outlet.

Fitted with oak or ash vented filler stopper.

A nice sturdy pourer for big stationary or railway engine use

Oil Pump Filler Can

½ litre or 1 litre capacity tin plated cylinder oil can for filling mechanical or dollop type displacement lubricators located in awkward places.

Only one hand needed to fill the lubricator.

Oil Pourer

Offset handle tin plated oil pourer for handed oiling jobs.

Especially suited for crankshaft eccentrics oiled from the belly tank.

The Full Range

The oil cans and pourers are all hand made from tin plate and “British Made.” The bodies are robust steel spinnings and then hot dipped tin plated. all joints are tinned and soldered, the spouts on the oil pourers are either tin plate or brass. The name labels are copper riveted on and all have a individual number. The filler holes are either copper or brass and fitted with wooden stoppers. All the oil can range


stoppers are drilled to allow the cans to breath as the oil is poured out. The oil bottles are fitted with stopper chains so they dont get lost. They are all supplied unpainted and boxed for dispatch.







All 6 with Dark Background





1/2 Pint Oil Pourer

Oil Pourer top - half pint

1 Pint Oil Pourer

Oil Pourer top - 1 Pint

1 Litre Oil Pourer

Oil Pourer top - 1 Litre

1 Litre – Oil Can

Oil Can top - 1 Litre

5 Pint – Oil Can

Oil Can top - 5 Pint

10 Pint – Oil Can

Large Oil Can top - 10 Pint

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